Art of the Travers family

Michael George Travers - Oil paintings & Drawings

Works of Michael George Travers

MICHAEL GEORGE TRAVERS (born 1946) oil and watercolour artist, founded Lios Dána residential retreat in 1986 at Inch in county Kerry where he has a studio. His paintings draw inspiration from the rugged grandeur of the bay and shoreline of the Dingle Peninsula. The large-scale paintings explore the refraction of light on sea and shore in a maze of organic effects and texture using impasto. Various works have been shown in galleries in Dublin, London and Kerry and are held in public and private collections.

Categories of artist’s works represented: Oil paintings, drawings

Michael is the grandson of Martin Otho Travers and the grandnephew of Micheál macLiammóir and the father of Martin Benjamin Travers. He is the estate administrator of the macLiammóir & Hilton Edwards estate.

Martin Benjamin Travers - Murals & Acrylic paintings

Works of Martin Benjamin Travers

Martin Benjamin Travers (born 1972) is an international muralist, street artist and visual artist. He excels in a wide range of artistic disciplines including murals, fine art, scenic and specialist decorative painting. He travels the world painting murals and working on community arts projects, giving workshops on culturally diverse indigenous arts. Martin’s work aspires towards building positive creative alternatives for ‘at risk’ youth and communities and he specializes in teaching and facilitating workshops on this subject. His acrylic paintings explore themes of people in the context of their culture.

Categories of artist’s works represented: Murals, acrylic paintings.

Martin Benjamin Travers is the son of Michael George Travers


Micheál macLiammóir - (1899 - 1978) - Water-colour paintings & Illustrations

Works of Micheál macLiammóir

MICHEÁL MACLIAMMÓIR (1899 - 1978), artist, actor, designer, author and producer, founded the Gate Theatre, along with his partner Hilton Edwards in October 1928. His illustrations and drawings are mostly of stage designs and costumes, whilst most of his watercolour paintings are of mythological scenes and fantasies influenced by the Celtic Revival movement. He wrote several stage adaptations as well as thirteen plays. His books include autobiographies and memoires. His one-man dramatic monologues, The Importance of Being Oscar (1960), I Must Be Talking to My Friends (1963) and Talking About Yeats (1965), brought him worldwide renown.

Categories of artist’s works represented: Watercolour paintings, designs.

Micheál macLiammóir (born Alfred Willmore) was the brother-in-law of Martin Otho Travers and granduncle of Michael George Travers who is administrator of his and Hilton Edwards’ estate.

Martin Otho Travers - (1886 - 1948) - Ecclesiastical Stain-glass Windows & Illustrations

Works of Martin Otho Travers

Martin Otho Travers A.R.C.A. (1886 - 1948) was an English church, ecclesiastical,artist and designer and was perhaps the most influential British stained-glass artist in the second quarter of the twentieth century. Martin was awarded the Grand Prix for stained glass at the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in Paris in 1925. In 1924 he became chief instructor in stained glass at the Royal College of Art - a position he held until his death. Travers' name is often connected with the Anglo-Catholic movement in the Church of England, especially that part of the movement which favoured a continental Baroque style of church furnishing.

Categories of artist’s works represented: Stained glass, illustrations & designs.

Martin Otho Travers (born Howard Martin Otho Travers) was the brother-in-law of Micheál macLiammóir and grandfather of Michael George Travers